Washington, DC

Washington, DC
1st Edition / November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9845866-1-5
Publisher: Three Leaf Press
148 pp / B&W

Table of Contents (PDF 99KB)
Sample Chapter (PDF 309KB)

Washington, DC is a fabulous city for an adventure! There are so many places to explore. You’ll visit national monuments, discover world-class museums, view historic artifacts, and more. This scavenger hunt will help you get the most out of your experience. Explore the Smithsonian. Search the National Mall for clues. Can you find them all?

Your scavenger hunt will take you to many of the most popular and famous monuments, museums, landmarks, and other exciting places in Washington, DC! You’ll need to be a keen observer and use all your senses in your search. Can you complete the hunt and become a Scavenger Guides World Explorer?

  • Over 140 clues to locations, items, and experiences to discover around Washington, DC.
  • Interesting facts about famous Washington, DC locations and landmarks.
  • Award certificates for completing the adventure.
  • A kid-friendly travel journal to record your vacation memories.
  • Tips for taking great vacation photos.


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