Not Your Typical Travel Guides

Travel is a perfect time for children to learn and grow – no matter their age. It is also a wonderful time to grow as a family. Scavenger Guides are not your typical travel guides! Children would rather experience the sights and sounds of a region first-hand than read about them in the pages of a travel book. Scavenger Guides are designed to engage your child in their travels and enhance their observational skills.


  • Guides are presented as a scavenger hunt, with each section offering several “clues” that challenge your child to find certain locations, identify items, or complete experiences throughout their travels.
  • Interesting facts and information for each destination are presented for “just in time” learning.
  • Points are earned for each item completed. At the end of their travels, children add up their points and collect their reward. Tally sheet and award certificates included!
  • A day-by-day “5 senses” travel journal is also provided for children to record their thoughts and observations.
  • Includes a bonus section with tips for taking great travel photos.

For some children, the challenge of the hunt is motivation enough. As a parent, you may wish to attach an additional reward, such as money toward a souvenir, a special family activity, or the opportunity for the child to choose where the family dines their last night of vacation. You know your child best. Be creative. Above all, have fun and enjoy this truly unique travel experience with your child!

Embrace Family Travel

Traveling as a family is an incredible experience! Scavenger Guides’ interactive travel challenges can jump-start dialogue and help parents capture those teachable moments while traveling. Your child will grow in their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live, and you’ll see the world in a whole new way – through the uninhibited eyes of your child. Embrace traveling with your children, and you may find that your kids are capable of much more than you imagined!

Scavenger Guides was founded in 2008 by Daniel Ireland, an educator, author, and designer from the beautiful west coast of Michigan. From the first trip with his infant daughter to Boston in 1999, to the design of their first family scavenger hunt around Washington, DC in 2006, through the development of today’s interactive travel guides for kids, his philosophy and goals have remained simple. He want kids to get more out of travel… to be more engaged… to grow from each experience… and to have fun! Feel free to contact Dan with your comments or suggestions.

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